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We at East TN Savannahs pride ourselves in happy, healthy, sweet, gentle studs; whom pass these traits on to each and every offspring produced.

Dio - F6 SBT



Tank - F6C

Breeding Stud

This is our adorable F6C Tank. He was the first stud we produced and kept back from a litter. He is a gigantic boy weighing in at 24lbs. We call him "Fat Head Tank" for short because he is built like a tank and a massive head. Tank is our largest stud for size and structure. Tank has always had the cutest personality and gets along great even with my other stud males. He and my other males will cuddle right up and sleep together. Tank is very fond to my F3C silver boy Max whom we kept back as a pet. Another of our very sweet and laid-back boys.

Maverick - F6SBT

Breeding Stud

Maverick is our newest upcoming silver F6 SBT stud. He is so sweet and just wants all lovin's he can get from his people. Maverick also loves to be with the girls. Maverick will produce many amazing future offspring here at East TN Savannahs.

Jasper - F7SBT

Breeding Stud

Jasper - my homegrown F7 SBT Silver boy. This boy is a lover, and it shows in his sweet, loving, and awesome disposition. He always wants to be held and with you. He is obsessed with wrapping his paws around us and kissing your face. I am so very happy we chose to keep this beautiful silver boy from my own lines after all these years.

Cheech- F7SBT



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