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At East TN Savannahs we pride ourselves in having a variety of F1- F7 quality queens.

F1 Sonny

Breeding F1 Queen

Sonny is such a beautiful girl with her piercing green eyes. I really love her overall look and cool brown tone. Sonny is my biggest F1 queen who is very tall, long, and lean. She is very playful and FAST!

F1 Tigger 

Breeding F1 Queen

Tigger is a sweet fun girl that produces some of the most beautiful and sweetest F2 kittens. Many of Tigger’s babies resemble her and her personality. Tigger is such a great momma I never have to worry about her babies. You see an exotic look in her kittens than many other queens we have. She loves to play and take piggyback rides when she can. She has one of the most golden-brown coats like her African Serval daddy.

F1 Tibet

Breeding F1 Queen

Tibet is our youngest F1 Queen at East TN Savannahs cattery. She is half-sisters to F1 Sonny, and I foresee her growth to be larger than Sonny. Tibet is very playful girl but more reserved and standoffish until she is ready to engage. She loves to engage in play with toys, or to steal them from you to hide them for later. Tibet has one of the softest and most beautiful coats with her chocolate brown tone.

F1 Soleil AKA Doggie Dog

Breeding F1 Queen

Doggie Dog has the perfect F1 temperament. She got the nick name Doggie Dog as acts hyper like a dog who wants to jump and play. She will even run and jump into your arms. You can do anything with this girl as she is always so happy! You can pick her up and cuddle endlessly; she is the most well rounded F1 personality. I love this girl because she is different and a nonstandard color. Doggie Dog is a Torti color which is again nonstandard in the Savannah breed.

F2B   Khaleesi

Breeding F2 Queen

Khaleesi is our Silver F2B queen. She was my first F2 I got when I started my cattery. She will always be a part of our family, and this will be her forever home even after retirement. Khaleesi is the BOSS of the house and is a girl that loves her humans only. She is very energetic, and talkative, and a little feisty at times; but we love that about her.

F3C Minu - AKA Min Min

Breeding F3 Queen

This girl is a big talker. She cracks me up with always saying the last word when you are having conversations with her, I and I just love her facial expressions. She has some of the most beautiful large inky spots with bright green eyes. Min Min is an amazing momma and protective of her kittens. She is the momma to our wonderful F4SBT Silver Lady Rose. 

F3C Halena

Breeding F3 Queen

Halena is a cool brown girl with a fantastic personality. She is our newest addition to the family and I'm so thankful for her, she is very smart, playful, and very attentive to everything around her. She has one of the best temperaments in our cats we have purchased from other catteries. Halena is so loving and gets along great with everyone. being held, cuddles, and carried around is her favorite. You can do ANYTHING with this girl. Halena is my bed buddy and sleeps right with me every night. I'm so in love with her and she will be our forever girl.

F4SBT Lady Rose

Breeding F4 Queen

Lady Rose is such a sweet girl. She has the large inky spot, wonderfully sweet personality just like her momma. She loves to be my hairdresser, full of kisses and cuddles. Lady Rose is such a great momma she loves all kittens even the ones who aren't hers. She will gently steal babies to add her litter if she can.

F5 SBT Athena

Breeding F5 Queen

Athena is a total sweetheart with a very friendly personality who gets along with all our cats. She loves to hangout and chat back and forth with everyone in the room. Athena is one of our smaller girls but a fantastic momma. Athena loves to be the momma of all kittens not just her own babies and will steal other babies to take care of them.

F6 SBT Pheobe

Breeding F6 Queen

Pheobe is our beautiful F6 SBT female who came to us out of Canada; We are very proud to have this girl as one of our queens. She is not only a very sweet girl but produces some of the most loving kittens. She will give you head butts and purr all day long. Pheobe is another one of our outstanding mommas of the cattery.

F7 SBT Little Goat

Breeding F7 Queen

Little Goat is one of our home-grown girls who got her name for always sounding like a goat. She is as sweet as. butter who loves to talk and chat it up with us. She has one of the silliest personalities with a beautiful coat and call high set ears. She gets along great with other cats all while being a wonderful momma to her kittens consistently. 

F7 SBT   Ava

Breeding F7 Queen

Ava is our keeper girl bred from Pheobe. She has the sweetness of her momma but is one of our loudest chattiest girls. She is very bonded to me just like her momma. She must always be with me, or she will express her dislike of not being with me, she also loves to be held and carried around like a baby. Purr machine she is with large head butts till it hurts. All kittens produced by Ava carry her wonderful personality and looks. 

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